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Outline Rules

Outline is a free resource board; we create a home for skins, themes, tutorials, and more. Feel free to have fun, sit back, and relax. We're usually pretty chilled, so it's rather easy to go with the flow.

Although we are lenient on some things, the rules below will be enforced. If you cause a disruption, make a show, repeatedly break rules, etc, action will be taken. You can be warned verbally, warned via the warning system, and/or be banned for a set amount of time.

1. Ripping. We have a zero-tolerance policy for ripping. Any user caught ripping someone else's work will be banned and if it continues, permanently banned. Minor offenses will earn you a warn in your warn log.

What is ripping exactly?

Ripping is when you edit, use, or distort a piece of work by someone else without their permission. Even if you give credit to the owner, it is still ripping. (Unless you have permission, of course.) Simply hue changing an image (or any other minor/major edits) and reposting it is also counted as ripping.

Once again, you cannot edit or repost anything without the original owner's permission. This is ripping, and you will be punished.

2. Language. This is an English speaking forum, so no need to talk in Spanish, French, Pig latin, txt msgs liek dis, etc. Please try to make it a point to use proper grammar and punctuation. It really does make a difference, and we (as staff) do pick up on it. Try not to post overly negative comments, especially to the newer members.

3. Swearing. Swearing is tolerated here, but only to a point. Don't go overboard and drop the f-bomb every other post. It's not 'cool,' in all honesty. Most of us find it rather annoying. Think of a better word if possible.

4. Trolling. We follow the simply written definition of trolling found on Wikipedia (Link). Trolling will be punished with bans and warns if it is continued over time as we like to ensure our members have a safe environment to post in at all times.

Definition of Trolling
A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

5. Illegal Material. This is one more thing that we do not want around here. Save your pirate information for MSN or somewhere else; it doesn't belong here.

6. Obnoxious Behavior. We're a small community and we like everyone to enjoy themselves. We generalize on the term 'obnoxious behavior' and examples of it include posting giant images for no apparent reason or intruding upon other members' rights (like spamming their private message inbox). We will punish this behavior accordingly, however you can trust us to give you fair warning if you're bending this rule so you'll know plenty ahead of time.

7. Advertising. Keep advertisements in the right area. (and follow the guidelines, too) We don't like trashing your topics, but sometimes it has to be done. PM Advertising is completely against our rules, please don't do this. If your account is found to be used only for scandalous advertising purposes, it will be disabled

8. Spam. We've had users make over 500 posts in 24 hours before.. Trust me, it can get crazy really fast. Try to make your posts at least a sentence long, and think about it for at least 0.350325325 seconds. That one millionth of a second can really make a difference. Posts containing only emoticons and 'lol' or other one-word posts are frowned upon here and you could find yourself with a warn as a result of them.

9. Egos. Please, watch what you say about yourself. No need to inflate your own ego. The day you realize to get off your own high horse, you'll be a lot more respected around here.

10. Bans. Bans are usually final, and will be for a set amount of time. We usually have a good reason for beating you with a hammer. If you honestly have a question about your ban, PM a staff member on another site or email one of us.

11. Drinking. Weird to see this one on here, eh? We've had a fair amount of people come on to Outline while intoxicated. I'll admit, it is funny, but seriously- go to bed or something. You don't want to wake up 2 days later and see you posted something while you were drunk. Ex: One previous staff member posted a picture of himself in a little skirt thing. Embarrassing, huh?

12. Multiple Accounts. Generally you are only granted one active (not disabled) account on Outline at a time. We understand that sometimes you just want a fresh start on the community, so it is permitted, granted you get permission from an administrator, to register a new account. You may not, at any time, deceive anyone on the community of your identity by pretending be a new person on a new account.

13. e-Babies. There will be no premarital e-babies running around Outline. Once you're legally married it is, however, encouraged to help give Outline a +1 member count. COPPA forms required.

14. In addition to following these rules, make sure to follow the Zetaboards ToS. Anything stated in there that is not above also applies here. These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
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