Submitting a Web Design Tip/Tutorial
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Outline Submissions
W E B . T U T O R I A L S
Reference: Token Central for an explanation on tokens

Guidelines for submissions
Please review this before posting a new tutorial

  • Please make sure that your tutorial is well written and grammatically correct. We'd also prefer and expect that your tutorial be written in English.

  • Make sure you are the complete author of the tutorial you submit unless it belongs to a graphics group you take part in.

  • Do not plagiarize from any other tutorials and/or take credit for tools/stocks/renders in your image that you didn't create.

  • We have no specific format for tutorial submission but we'd like you to make your post neat and organized so it's easy to understand for the rest of the community.

  • Make sure the content of your tutorial is educational and follows Zetaboards Terms of Conditions, our forum's rules, and is viewer friendly.

  • You will post your tutorial directly in this forum and a staff member will run an autotool and add tokens to signify that it's been accepted.

'Artistic' tutorials vs. 'Web/UI' tutorials

  • Web/UI Tutorials
    • Usually are created from scratch.
    • Most things having to do with 'gloss' will be in here.
    • Anything related to forums (themes, buttons, glossy signatures, etc.) all go in here.
    • Anything that you could use to apply to a web design. Background/wallpaper tutorials do not count.

  • Artistic Tutorials
    • Anything that doesn't go in Web/UI.

What will I be judged on?
What we, as Staff, will be looking at in the posted tutorials

The Earning Tokens chart displays a token range for both low and high quality tutorials. It states those ranges are "Depending on how complex the subject is". What this means is that you will get more or less tokens based on what kind of subject you write your tutorial on. Dissecting an entire signature and explaining the significance of everything in it is a much more complex subject than a little tutorial on an avatar. However, if both are well-written then they'll both be High Quality but the more complex one will still get more tokens.

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